Advanced e-commerce solution 'Data-Stream', more than a makeover!

Fully integrated to your Cybertill EPoS, Data-stream, takes your e-commerce business to another level, with a complete suite of ecommerce and marketing tools out of the box.

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Advanced e-commerce solution

The Newsletter module helps you quickly set up a newsletter, display a sign-up form and write newsletters. You can create either a static newsletter that is created manually by the newsletter editor or you can create a dynamic newsletter that sends the page of the given web address (URL) at a specified time.

Send Dynamic Newsletters with Website Content

Dynamic Newsletter productionDynamic newsletters are sent regularly at specified time intervals. The e-mails contain text and images from a specified web page of your site, which is usually updated between mail outs. This source page can be managed within Data-Stream, however, any other external page may be used. A typical usage would be sending a monthly newsletter with a list of articles recently published on your website.

High Volume Newsletter Sending

Sending Large Number of E-mails

Dispatching newsletters to very large numbers of subscribers is not an issue. You can send newsletters through the built-in E-mail Queue before they are passed on to the mail server. This ensures that any number of mails is processed and delivered correctly. Any e-mails undelivered due to errors in delivery or on your SMTP server are automatically sent out again later.


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