Advanced e-commerce solution 'Data-Stream', more than a makeover!

Fully integrated to your Cybertill EPoS, Data-stream, takes your e-commerce business to another level, with a complete suite of ecommerce and marketing tools out of the box.

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Advanced e-commerce solution

Distribute Your Data

Data-Stream allows you to convert any content into an XML feed, such as RSS, Atom or even custom format. It allows you to publish your content in a structured format that can be easily accessed by external sites and applications or that people can subscribe to in their RSS readers. 

Create Data Feed from any Content

With Data-Stream, you can create XML feed from any content as well as any other data stored in Data-Stream, such as custom tables or forums. All you need to do is place an appropriate web part on the page and configure its properties - no additional coding is required.

Customise your XML Feed Format

Beside standard formats, such as RSS or Atom, you can also generate feed using your own XML format that can be defined as a transformation in Data-Stream.

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