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Touchretail provide cutting-edge inventory management and point of sale software. Their omnichannel platform, TRIMS, comprises a suite of tools and services built specifically for the retail industry. Its purpose is to save time, reduce costs and streamline processes.

Harnessing the ability to connect online channels, warehouses and retail stores together for effective management from within one system, TRIMS is armed with a suite of innovative apps to help businesses manage more efficiently. It enables retail operations to manage purchasing, inventory, order fulfilment, stock movements, promotions, data analysis, reporting and customer management all from one central hub.

For growing businesses, it is important to have the correct infrastructure in place to be able to support growth.

Being able to successfully fulfil web orders is a result of accurate stock levels, and accurate stock levels are a result of efficient stock management. Businesses need more control of their stock in warehouse management, purchasing, stock movements, replenishments and reporting, especially when trading online and through retail stores. Integrating TRIMS with your (Kentico) e-Commerce platform takes you from a sales platform to a complete retail management system.

Retailers are benefiting from accurate stock availability across all retail channels by integrating TRIMS.

Boasting a powerful and secure API and now integrated with Kentico, Touchretail is actively working with Data-Stream to further leverage TRIMS’s capabilities; to future-proof, continuously evolving, modern retail solution.


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